A wake-up call

I've always questioned the world, but I did so quietly, within the safe, hidden confines of my mind. I was scared to be challenged, to be questioned, to be confronted. No one who knew me, myself included, had any idea how much of the real me was hiding in fear. Over the years, I got sicker and sicker, never dreaming there might be a connection between my repressed inner self and the various chronic illnesses wreaking havoc with my body. Then I got long covid, and my world came to a grinding halt.

I have a science background, and my recovery from long covid required stepping far outside the boundaries of what I thought was possible or realistic. I share my story now in the hopes that it might help others dealing with similar health issues, and because it's time for me to question the world more publicly.

This will be a long bio about who I am.
A seismic ghost story, coming soon…
Years ago, as a graduate student studying earthquakes, I developed an interesting hypothesis that connected earthquakes […]

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